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BLLRDR Flower, coming soon

There’s marijuana, and then there’s BLLRDR.

It spans two decades and two countries. It's fuelled national movements and cultural soundtracks. It’s helped people be themselves. And yet, BLLRDR’s storied past is not what BLLRDR is. Instead, BLLRDR is anchored in endless engineering. It’s about endless tinkering and nonstop straining. It’s about forever trying to make things better.

BLLRDR is a collaboration between Grammy Award-winning producer and OVO co-founder Noah "40" Shebib and legendary grower and breeder of the Afghani Bullrider, Jef Tek.

A strain favored by Shebib for both its medicinal and recreational properties, BLLRDR is an extremely unique looking strain with a notably high myrcene content giving BLLRDR a very unique aroma and effect that cannabis consumers desire.

Jef Tek

A cannabis industry legend, his methodical approach to both work and hobbies has led him to grow cannabis in Chicago, San Diego, and finally B.C. (where he moved to be with his late wife legalization activist Michelle Rainey).

After many years of working in HVAC, modifying remote-controlled cars and off-road race trucks, Jef began to take an interest in the genetics and cultivation of cannabis, applying his precise and detail-oriented practices to his precious plants.

When a friend gifted him with a seemingly challenging strain, Jef set out to find a cloning method that would enable the plants to thrive. The result was Afghani Bullrider, which Jef describes as one of the fastest-growing strains he has ever cultivated – not to mention the absolute best tasting. Since the initial harvest, Jef has perfected the cultivation process, creating consistent quality flower batch after batch.

Jef’s motivation to keep this strain alive stems from his late wife Michelle, who was one of the main catalysts that led to the Canadian legalization of marijuana. Michelle lost her battle with cancer in 2010, with Jef by her side. Her wish was for Jef to keep the Afghani Bullrider alive so that one day he could share it with the world.



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