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BLLRDR Flower, coming soon

There’s marijuana, and then there’s BLLRDR.

It spans two decades and two countries. It's fuelled national movements and cultural soundtracks. It’s helped people be themselves. And yet, BLLRDR’s storied past is not what BLLRDR is. Instead, BLLRDR is anchored in endless engineering. It’s about endless tinkering and nonstop straining. It’s about forever trying to make things better.

BLLRDR is a collaboration between Grammy Award-winning producer and OVO co-founder Noah "40" Shebib and legendary grower and breeder of the Afghani Bullrider, Jef Tek.

A strain favored by Shebib for both its medicinal and recreational properties, BLLRDR is an extremely unique looking strain with a notably high myrcene content giving BLLRDR a very unique aroma and effect that cannabis consumers desire.


Afghani Bull Rider rose to prominence in both the cannabis community (winning numerous awards and accolades from cannabis experts) and in pop culture through frequent shout-outs in songs by various multi-platinum, hip-hop musicians.

However, it’s origin dates back to the early 2000's as a highly sought-after strain, that made its rounds in California, but would soon disappear when Jeff migrated to British Columbia with his wife, and medicinal marijuana activist, Michelle Rainey. Along with being a cancer patient, Michelle also suffered from Crohn's disease and found relief of her symptoms within this Afghani Bull Rider strain. She then dedicated her life to helping others gain medical access to the plant that has done so much to alter her life and daily function. Michelle sadly passed away from cancer on October 20, 2010 with the dying wish was to never stop the good fight of sharing the strain with the world.

Tek’s attention to detail in breeding and cultivating the strain has led to its current incarnation, making it one of the rarest buds on the market and historically being sold for $500 per ounce through illicit channels. 

Afghani Bull Rider is changing the Canadian marketplace in a big way. Under the shared vision of Jeff and Noah, BLLRDR will finally be able to carry out Michelle’s hopes of keeping the strain alive and bringing it to the masses.



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