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Afghani Bullrider

The Afghani Bullrider cultivar has a storied history in the Canadian cannabis landscape that includes ties to cannabis activism & famous artists. It is the namesake of our BLLRDR brand, and we are proud to offer the market this legendary strain.

Large, green fluffy buds, with a noticeably high concentration of long amber pistols, present a flower that emits sweet & sour aroma's with fruity notes. The terpene profile is dominated by two terps - Myrcene and Farnesene - which lend to a consistent and predictable flavour profile from batch to batch.

Users of the strain report a highly functional combo of "stress and pain relief, while also feeling energetic and ready to complete my tasks."

Type: Hybrid | THC Range: 16-21% | CBD Range: Less than 1%

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Wedding Cake

One of the most popular strains of recent years, our Wedding Cake offering is grown from a phenotype that made its way to eastern Canada from California. This phenotype offers a truly wonderful expression of the personality found in this cultivar.

Cannabis consumers already know that Wedding Cak is a high THC strain (22-27%), but it is so much more than this "single note" attribute of this lovely flower. Total cannabinoid content can reach +30% and a robust terpene profile of Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene provide a truly special sensory experience.

Users often report strong effects and many report to use the strain for relaxing, pain management, and for anxiety and depression.

Type: Indica | THC Range: 22-27% | CBD Range: Less than 1%

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Ice Cream Cake

This popular genetic from Seed Junky Genetics, is a cross between Wedding Cake & Gelato #33, needs no introduction for connoisseurs.

A powerful strain known for helping with rest and relaxation, it brings sweet hints of vanilla & nuttiness to your senses. Small batch grown in limited quantities.

Type: Indica | THC Range: 18-24% | CBD Range: Less than 1%

image source: thcdesign

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